Forum and Action Online

This module is designed for everyone who has no possibility or wish – for a variety of reasons – to participate in “live” activities, but wants to experience the impact of Forum theatre. It might be classes, business teams, other groups. 


  • To develop empathy
  • To strengthen the community
  • To learn how to solve conflicts creatively
  • To improve social skills
  • To enhance self esteem

To provide opportunity for wide circle of people to experience the method of Forum theatre and the changes it brings into everyday life.

Study of Social and Emotional Difficulties.

Anonymous questionnaire evaluates social and emotional difficulties and other issues relevant to the group. Possible areas of evaluation: attitudes towards vulnerable groups, tolerance, level of acceptance, emotional atmosphere in school/work/other group (emotional security, experience of bullying, oppression, etc.), values, motivation to study/work, priorities in life, models of communication in the environment, main difficulties, expectations, personal responsibility for changes.

This study helps to prepare for the activities and to work with the most relevant topics. As this is an anonymous questionnaire usually responses are open and sincere and in the course of further activities it is easier to concentrate on the most important themes.

This is a separate part of the activities. We are using it to prepare for the Forum theatre performances. This exercise “awakens” feelings of the participants and encourages to think about the attitudes they have, teaches to express opinion clearly and with respect, without the devaluation of the other. It is important to express our opinion, but equally important – to listen to the other and to be flexible, not stuck to your preconceptions. 

Leaflets are scattered on the floor: “Completely agree”, “Agree”, “Maybe agree”, “Maybe disagree”, “Disagree”, “Completely disagree” (or similar). Participants listen to various statements and find their position in the room near the leaflet which reflects their opinion best. Moderator asks participants to say a few words about their choice. Golden rule of the game is to start every answer with the words “I think”, as there are no universally right or wrong opinions. Other participants have to listen in silence even if they disagree completely. It gives opportunity to hear the opinion and arguments which in real life would be dismissed before even hearing them. This exercise also helps to see the dominating values of the group, level of tolerance, possible areas of discrimination – all this information later is used in the creating Forum theatre performances. It is possible to include statements about the environment, to understand better how different members see and evaluate the situation.  

These statements are provocative in order to make people feel and to want to defend their position, to fight for it. It leads to the deeper involvement in the creation of Forum theatre performances. This exercise fosters social competences – teaches how to talk firmly, confidently and respectfully and to listen to others. On the emotional level it teaches us to withstand and process difficult emotions, which come to the surface when conflicting opinions on important issues are expressed. It also fosters psychological resistance, to be brave in expressing our opinion and defending our values, to stay in contact with others despite various contradictions. 

3 hours

It is important to know the main themes of activities in advance. That will determine which Forum theatre performances will be selected to show for the participants. One of the ways to decide on the themes is to ask future participants to fill in anonymous questionnaires and according to the results decide which themes seem the most relevant for the group. 

Work online does not differ much from “live” activities. We use various games and exercises, which are modified to use online (for relaxation, concentration, cooperation, expression of emotions, etc.). 

Exploration of Values – one of the main exercises in our activities – is also modified to use online.

Image theatre is very important while working online. We have all experienced that when we communicate online – various situations happen. Sometimes we loose the connection, talk all at the same time, it is difficult to maintain a dialogue, the conversation sometimes starts to remind a bunch of monologues. This is what Augusto Boal was talking about and encouraged us to change it! Communication online makes us pay attention to these situations and to find ways to deal with them.

But in the beginning it is very useful to try out Image theatre – to stop talking and with our bodies (or at least the parts of the bodies which can be seen on the screen) to show how we feel, what we think and to reflect on what we want to show others. This helps us become more conscious on how we impact each other even without talking.

What is interesting is that work online allows us to see ourselves participating in Image theatre – we usually do not have this possibility while working live. When we communicate online we are a continuous Image theatre for each other, so this is a great possibility to reflect more about this situation. Image theatre is also introduction into Forum theatre. It is not so easy to create the performance online, so instead of that participants watch the recorded performance. And after that the process is the same as in the real Forum theatre. Joker moderates the discussion, participants express their opinion, talk about the problems, suggest various solutions. As they do not have a possibility to try them out on stage, they can watch the recorded replacements of various characters of Forum play. Other suggestions are discussed. In the end participants are invited to reflect the experience and look for its connections with everyday lives. 

After the activities , organizers can prepare feedback and recommendations on further use of the activities.

Preliminary plan of the activities:

  • Getting acquainted, reflection on feelings and expectations
  • Basic rules for working together
  • Exercises and games for the preparation of the activities
  • Exploration of Values
  • Open discussion: “Dare to be happy”
  • Presentation of recorded Forum theatre performance
  • Discussions, search for solutions, demonstration of recorded situation with different possible endings
  • Reflection

Ordering of this service

1. Filling the form

2. Preparation of schedule and individual plan of the activities

3. After the activities – feedback and recommendations for further use of the method

"Forum theatre is a mirror which we can penetrate to modify our image."
A. Boal