PROJECT "YOUNG AND CARING" - interactive youth activities in Vilnius schools to promote volunteering, resilience and healthy life choices .

Supported by Vilnius municipality and PI "House of Arts and Education" 

PI "House of Arts and Education" starts implementing the project"YOUNG AND CARING". It involves 3 schools in Vilnius city and aims to contribute to improving the psychosocial situation of young people, preventing the use of psychoactive substances, promoting youth activity and involvement in voluntary activities. Augusto Boal's Forum theatre method is used to achieve these objectives. 

2024 04 02 - 2024 09 30

Objectives of the project

Participants of the project

Course of the project

  • Anonymous survey
  • Forum theatre training for Youth leaders
  • Work with volunteers
  • Public events for school communities 
  • Recommendations for further work 

Successful start, creative activities and productive results to the project team and participants!