Integration of new methods of the theatre of the oppressed into the activities of lithuanian NGO

The project was aimed at getting acquainted with all the methods of August Boali: Forum Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Visual Theatre, Legislative Theatre, Rainbow of Desire.

The employees of the organization learnt these methods and techniques from foreign partners, who use them more actively in their daily activities, and later transferred the acquired knowledge to the employees of the Lithuanian NGO working with children and youth.

The experience of the project was summarized in the Methodological publication (together with the video material). As part of the project, three books by Augustus Boali were also translated and published into Lithuanian: "The Theater of the Oppressed", "Rainbow of Desires" and "Theatre of Legislation".

At the end of the project, public conferences were organized - performances during which the project, its results and new methods were presented to all those interested. 

3 books by August Boal have been translated and published:


Social advertising for "Theatre of the Oppressed" methods:

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