The alarm clock of the citizen

Members of PI “House of Arts and Education” and “National Institute for Social Integration” visited various places in Lithuania. The main aim was to enable young people to recognize social problems in their environment and to search for the ways to solve them. 

Students gathered together twice a week. Together with Youth leaders they were talking about their environment, social problems and discussed ways to improve the situation. The remaining time was for the method of Forum theatre. Activities were moderated by pedagogues, social workers, psychologists. 

Forum theatre performances were presented to the communities of participating schools. Everyone was invited to join and discuss. In the end of the project conferences were organized in each participating county. The final conference took place in Vilnius. 

The product of the project – 2 publications - Methodological material for working with children and young people and Publication of Best practise. 

Supported from the budget of European Social Fund and the Republic of Lithuania, programme TAPK (Creation of support system for services of non-formal education in municipalities), administrated by Education Exchanges Support Foundation.


Schools that participated